The Cisco Journey to an IPv6-only Building

...and what we learn from it

October 30, 6pm to 9pm with drinks and snacks

Digicomp, Limmatstrasse 50, Zürich


IT Decision Makers, Architects, Network-, Systems-, Security Engineers, Developers

Is dual-stack a good way to go? What are the experiences with IPv6-only networks? What's best in my case? Many companies struggle with these questions. Cisco has made the step and deployed an IPv6-only campus in San Jose just in order to find the answers to such questions.

This session by Khalid Jawaid presents an engineer’s view of the deployments of dual-stack and IPv6-only that took place at Cisco between 2010 and now. It will especially cover the more recent efforts in introducing IPv6-only across a DC pod and a single campus building, the hurdles in doing that to scale and the impact on user experience. Khalid will discuss the challenges faced from making the business case back in 2010 and deployment across 400 plus remote sites and the lessons learnt along the way. At the end of the session, the audience will take away many new perspectives and inputs for making this kind of decisions for their networks.

This lecture will be held in English

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Speaker: Khalid Jawaid

Khalid Jawaid is a solutions architect in Cisco IT who has been involved with IPv6 deployment across Cisco’s corporate network since 2010. A Cisco veteran for 17 years, he has contributed significantly to the design, implementation and operations of IPv6 from the early days of ISATAP, 6Bone and 6in4 to the current day. Cisco has a 100% dual-stacked branch office network, remote access (Anyconnect), iPoP and DMZ as well as areas in the DC that are supporting Cisco has also enabled IPv6-only in a single DC pod as well as in a single campus building in San Jose with a view to establishing the gaps and challenges in moving to a single protocol and reducing the operational overhead.

Khalid is a double CCIE and lives and works in Manchester, United Kingdom. He is also an IAM qualified advanced rider and when not busy with technology or work, he is busy with his motorcycle teaching young riders safe riding techniques and planning long road trips on his Africa Twin.

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