IPv6 Expert offer 2016: 20% discount on IPv6 books

IPv6 Essentials Book

Sunny Connection offers the IPv6 Experts 20% price advantage to the English "IPv6 Essentials" book on the German "IPv6 - The Basics, functionality, integration" by Silvia Hagen.

Author: Silvia Hagen

IPv6 Essentials:

3rd edition, Juni 2014, published by O'Reilly & Associates

  • Buch ISBN 978- 1-4493-1921-2
  • eBook ISBN 978-1-44933524-3

IPv6 - Grundlagen, Funktionalität, Integration:

2nd Edition, October 2009 published by Sunny Edition

  • ISBN 978-3-9522942-2-2 German

If interested: info@sunny.ch

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