How DevOps overcomes the Röstigraben between systems and the network

Learn how DevOps can support IPv6 migrations

November 21, 6pm to 7.15pm, followed by apero until 9pm

Digicomp, Limmatstrasse 50, Zürich

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IT managers and architects, engineers, administrators, developers

The network is integrated horizontally. Therefore, the management of network changes is always challenging. At the culture gap to the systems it often lacks communication, not only on the TCP/IP level. With agile approaches, both areas can jointly roll out changes as a duo to facilitate IPv6 migrations.

From DevOps practice for network practice, Oliver provides insights into the world of automation, introduces basic principles, and transfers this to the network world. He shows how to use this in connection with IPv6 migrations. Both, system managers and network engineers are addressed, since you can only have success on major topics if you work together.

The lecture is intended to be a source of ideas. We are looking forward to lively discussions. Also non members are welcome. The presentation will be held in German.

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Oliver Schad is Managing Director of AutomaticServer AG and specializes in system and network automation. He lives in Wettingen, works in St. Gallen and often travels to Germany, from where he comes. If the world is a ring, then he is a token. At the age of 27, he emigrated to Switzerland and worked as a software developer and system engineer, before finally deciding in 2008 to focus on systems and networks. The intention to make IT a bit better than it was then led to the founding of the company in 2011. He wanted to be professionally lazy and therefore he has worked far too many hours a week for many years to create an IT, besides which one can drink coffee in peace, have fun with his colleagues and yet everything runs smoothly - although constantly somebody wants something quite terrible urgent immediately.

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