Wireless LED Bulbs - Light through IPv6

Without IPv6 we have to set very comfortable things aside: Greg Memo and his company GreenWave introduced a IPv6 based LED-WiFi-solution for a cozy home. The price with around US$ 200.- for four bulbs, a gateway device and a remote-controller seems quite high to me. But you will get dimming, motion sensors inlcuded and you can controll every single bulb.  

Configuration seems to be not market-ripe. Greg says: "The holy grail of smart lighting is to build a light bulb that screws in, turns itself on, finds its local network and signs itself up for duty with GreenWave’s cloud-based software management platform." We're still lightyears away from such an easyness.  

Certainly a gimmick, but still: As soon as consumers start to more and more request devices which are connected to each other and to the internet and whom they want to control from everywhere, this is going to speed up IPv6 transition dramatically. That's why I really think about buying the bulbs. To set a flag.

Internet of things is getting real. As all of you already know, we need much more IP-adresses for its realization. A strong argument for the fastest possible introduction of IPv6. 


I wish you lots of "enlightenment".


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