IPv6 Expert offer 2016: One year duals-stack hosting for free

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iWay offers the IPv6 Expert members of the Swiss IPv6 Council for 2016 state-of-the-art hosting one year for free! Order your hosting via OrderForm on https://www.iway.ch/hosting/webhosting/ or with an email to sales@iway.ch and refer to your membership with the heading "Special offer IPv6". The offer is valid until 31 March 2016 (order date), the minimum contract period is 24 months.

About iWay Services
Fiber-optic cables are currently the most advanced technology to make the connection to the Internet. The steady development of technology over the years allows now almost bandwidths as desired and proliferation leads to significant cost reductions, so that the most advanced of all technologies is no longer reserved only individual firms.

The expansion of networks by local electricity and public utilities in cooperation with iWay enables connection to the Internet via fiber directly to your location (Fiber-to-the-Home). Opposite solutions on copper lines (xDSL) or coaxial cable (cable television) offers significant advantages fiberglass.

The benefits at a glance

FASTER: fiber optic cables enable technically almost unlimited bandwidth, the distance between you and the nearest local exchange can be neglected.

RELIABLE: The optical transmission method used in fiber-optic lines is insensitive to all types of electrical and magnetic interference. The fact that fiber optic cables themselves produce no interference or spark, the high security against eavesdropping, low cable weight, a small cross-section and low signal attenuation are further advantages. The homogeneous network based solely on glass fibers having a fiber to the junction box in your premises.

Cheaper: Compare the prices of different Internet subscriptions. Our fiberglass Subscriptions offer added value at a lower price. You pay no additional connection fees - a charge as Swisscom for the fixed line connection or upc cablecom is omitted for the cable connection on the extra costs.

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