Neighbor Discovery Deep Dive

November 30th, 6pm

Digicomp, Limmatstrasse 50, Zürich

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IT Leiter und Architekten, Engineers, Administratoren, Developer

Neighbor Discovery protocol is a key mechanism to establish connectivity between IPv6 nodes on LANs.

The presentation discusses the technical details of the protocol design and implementations, including security aspects.
The talk is targeted to network, server and client engineers involved in IPv6 deployments and operations.



  • IPv6 Neighbor Discovery (ND) protocol overview
  • Neighbor Discovery and SLAAC
  • Neighbor Discovery state machine
  • Neighbor Unreachability Detection and first hop redundancy in IPv6 networks
  • Neighbor Discovery Scalability
  • Troubleshooting scenarios
  • Neighbor Discovery security

Registration and Cost
A contribution towards expenses of CHF 20.– will be collected at the door. For IPv6 Experts the entry is free.

This event will be held in English!


Jen Linkova

Network Engineer, Google

Jen Linkova has been a Network Engineer at Google for almost 6 years (first in Sydney, Australia, then in Zurich, Switzerland).
Prior to joining Google, she worked for Cisco, a Cisco Gold partner and some Russian ISPs. Jen’s areas of interest includes, first of all, IPv6 as well as various core network technologies. Jen is a frequent presenter at various conferences such as RIPE, Ausnog etc, mostly on IPv6-related topics. In 2014 she became a co-chair of RIPE IPv6 Working Group.

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