The Swiss IPv6 Council supports and promotes the use and integration of the new Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) in all networks, public and private, consolidating single-source knowledge, support and various activities.

The provision of suitable communication platforms, the active exchange of information at national and international level and the various activities and events assist companies, IT officers and public administrations in planning and implementing IPv6 projects in an optimal manner.

The Swiss IPv6 Council closely cooperates with Swiss industry, educational institutions and research establishments enabling open and equal access to technology and knowledge through the networking of resources.

On June 6, 2012 the world celebrated World IPv6 Launch Day where major websites, ISPs and Content providors have been permanently enabling IPv6 starting on their main websites:
www.facebook.com, www.google.com, www.bing.com, and www.yahoo.com have all been reachable over IPv6 from that time on.

Only one year later, end of May 2013, Switzerland is worldwide Number One in IPv6 User Adoption!

Today Switzerland is among the top five worldwide with regard to IPv6 user adoption with more than 30%. Belgium is the leader with more than 50%.  More than 25% of the Top Alexa 1000 websites are dual-stack. If growth continues at the same pace as in the last two years, we will reach the 50% mark of global IPv6 users within three years (2019). 

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