The Swiss IPv6 Council is sustained by the motivation and spirit of its members, sponsors and benefactors. Since its formation, active members from the sectors of industry, education, government and public administration as well as international organizations such as the CERN, Switch, the Internet Society (ISOC), etc. are represented in the Swiss IPv6 Council.

As a sponsor, you will form the backbone of and provide economic support to the Swiss IPv6 Council, a non-profit organization.As a member of the Swiss IPv6 Council, you will express your interest in IPv6. You will be informed how other members deal with this topic, attend events or take an active role in a project and exchange opinions.

Fee: 20'000

Fee: CHF 10‘000

Fee: CHF 5‘000

Fee: CHF 2'500

Standard Membership: free

IPv6 Expert: CHF 120

Corporate membership light: CHF 520

Corporate membership plus: CHF 880

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