The companies on this site offer you services for IPv6 consulting, deployment, IPv6-products and education. A click on the company's name will take you to deeper information, contact, offers, Google maps and social media channels of the portrayes companies. 

aspectra implements, operates and monitors IT environments for business-critical applications, securely and with a high level of availability.
Education is Digicomp's core competence -- you can count on 300 instructors who teach more than 600 different IT seminars. Sponsor since 01/10/2011.
eb-Qual offers consulting, design, implementation and maintain of innovative IT security and networking solutions Sponsor since 01/06/2013.
We are a consultancy firm in the domain of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and are fully independent. Sponsor since 01/10/2011
iWay ist spezialisiert auf Access-, Telefonie und Hostinglösungen, insbesondere mit massgeschneiderten Angebote für KMU. Sponsor seit 1. April 2011.
Sidarion is an independent system integrator focused on IT security, networking and virtualization. Sponsor since 1.4.2015
Seit 1995 setzt snowflake auf Open Source Web-Entwicklungen und engagiert sich aktiv für die digitale Nachhaltigkeit.
Sunny Connection offers professional consulting services and education. specialised in IPv6 education and IPv6 consulting. Sponsor since 01/04/2011
The Swiss IPv6 Council supports and promotes the use and integration of the new Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) in all networks.
Since more than 25 years, SWITCH develops internet services that make Swiss students, teachers and researchers successful. Sponsor since 01/05/2013.

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