Swisscom is planning for an IPv6 migration by example

We found an interesting post on the new Swisscom "We love ICT" blog written by Markus Basler. He's talkting about an exemplaric IPv6 introduction at a Swisscom customer. The graphic illustrates which systems have to be integrated. The migration is now fully ongoing, Markus Basler promises to keep us updated about the progesses of the project on the blog.

This links to the blog-post...

Additionally, you will find interesting comments and the contact details of Markus who will give more information if asked. 

This is a very interesting topic for one of our technical events. We asked Markus Basler if he can present. The outcome on our event-site.



Since q3 2012, Swisscom is working on a pilot project with a IPv6 introduction at a Swisscom customer. The goal of project aims to verify the Swisscom concepts, to challenge the existing adress concept, and to gain experience from "the real world". Therefore, Swisscom decided to migrate to whole enterprise network with its full complecity to dual-stack. 


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