Cisco certificates enables you to apply for IPv6 Forum Gold and Silver certification

Good News for the Cisco certifieds: The IPv6 Forum has approved Cisco certifications as a base for applying to the IPv6 forum certified engineer silver or gold certification. You can do this since November 2010, but almost no one knew!

More information directly on the Cisco certification webside. 

Cisco also offers additional training with the “IPv6 Fundamentals, Design and Deployment Course (IP6FD)”. This course has been Gold certified by IPv6 Forum. After successfully completing the course, candidates can include on their resumes that they have attended the IPv6 Forum Gold Certified course.

Cisco certifieds have to apply for the logo and IPv6 Forum certification on the IPv6 Forum Site. How it works is described on the Cisco FAQ-Site. 



IPv6 Forum certification SilverGoldGold
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