Score of the Member Survey

Around 70 members have completed our questionnaire. Thank you very much. These are only about 10% of our members who have taken the opportunity to evaluate IPv6 issues and the work of the Council. The feedback from the survey has been good and very informative. In order to further optimize our work, we would like to gather more feedback. We therefore continue the poll until the end of February. The results of the member survey and the parallel survey of major Swiss content providers (Alexa Top Sites) will be presented in full lenght at an event in April or May.

Here is the link to the survey for new participants...


Snapshot of the score

Have you already introduced IPv6?

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Not quite surprisingly, the IPv6 Council member companies seem to take a pioneering role in the introduction of IPv6: Almost 40% have already implemented IPv6 in whole or in part. A further 27% are in the planning process. On the other hand, the survey shows that approximately one third did not start the planning yet - and this even though these companies as members of the Swiss IPv6 Council have a high level of awareness. Who knows, maybe our next Business Conference can contribute something that will increase this percentage. 


What are the reasons for introduction or no introduction?

We also asked about the reasons for respectively against the introduction.

Introduction reasons: (Click for large picture)

Whopping 60% of respondents think that the introduction of IPv6 is a necessity. 53% considered the main reason to be ensuring good performance and reachability on the Internet. Business opportunities and competitive differentiation with 38% respectively 40% are acknowlegded to be strong drivers for introduction. This shows that a business benefit is awarded to an IPv6 deployment too.

Non-implementation reasons: (click for large picture)

For the non-implementation reasons, the non-urgency and the lack of business case form the top answers. Technologically, there is no way around IPv6.

A pity that just only 10% of the members took part at the poll. What are the others thinking about this issues?

Here is the link to the survey for new participants...

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