Christmas IPv6 Traffic Update

World IPv6 Launch has just published an update tot he IPv6 network operator measurements page. IPv6 deployment is continouing to grow across the hundreds of networks that they are measuring. In the last 12 months they have seen huge increases in IPv6 deployment percentages for some oft he world’s largest networks. Nice close for 2013, let’s rock the Internt in 2014!


This measures the amount of IPv6 traffic in relation to total global traffic per AS (autonomous system). Leader is Google Fibre with 70%, followed by Verizon Wireless with 40%. Free in France (the ones who created 6rd)  is number one in Europe with 31% and Swisscom has a high position too with 20%.

A graph below the table shows that from the worlds Top Alexa 1000 sites 12.5% are IPv6-enabled. We invite all operators of websites to dual-stack their Internet presence. This makes it more attractive for ISPs and organizations to activate IPv6. We at the Swiss IPv6 Council currently work on a survey with the Swiss Top Alexa 100 websites and hope to be able to provide some interesting news soon in the New Year.

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